About Us

Troop #4 serves the Canton Area near Avondale Elementary School. We gladly accept interested boys from any part of Stark County. Troop #4 has been serving Canton and the Boy Scouts of America for 99 years. We are the oldest, continually chartered Boy Scout troop in the Buckeye Council with our first charter being signed on March 24, 1915.

The Patrol Method

Troop #4 is firmly rooted in the Baden-Powell style of leadership. The Scouts are divided into patrols of 8 to 10 and led by a Patrol Leader (PL) and Assistant Patrol Leader (APL). The patrol leaders are then led by the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL). The senior patrol leader and assistant senior patrol leader are guided by the Scoutmaster (SM) and Assistant Scoutmasters (ASM). In this regard, the Troop is run entirely by the scouts themselves.

We also believe that Boy Scout rank (Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and Eagle) is not a social ladder. We believe that the position a Scout holds is the true mark of leadership. The Senior Patrol Leader is in charge of the entire Troop whereas Patrol Leaders are in charge of the scouts. In this regard, those Scouts responsible enough to hold a leadership position may do so according to their experience and leadership abilities, not to be dictated by the rank of the Scout.

Camp Outings and Day Trips

Every month, the Troop embarks on a weekend camping trip to various campgrounds in the area. Such places include Camp Tuscazoar, Camp Wakonda, Seven Ranges Scout Reservation, Camp Buckeye, or any number of other camps. About every other year, we take a trip to larger campgrounds such as Hocking Hills State Park, Cooks Forest in Pennsylvania, or we will take a trip to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum in Dayton and stay in a local Scout campground.

Throughout the Scouting Year the troop will plan a couple day trips. Day trips are generally a Saturday trip planned to visit a nearby location. In the past, we've taken trips to COSI Columbus, the Ohio Historical Center, Great Lakes Science Center, and the Carnegie Science Center. We are always open to new ideas for day trips.

Community Service

For the past few years we have camped in a church camp near Dellroy, Ohio called Camp Wakonda. While we are there, we help the campmaster with the upkeep of the campgrounds.

We also maintain a section of Fulton Road through the Ohio Adopt-a-Highway program. We are required to remove the garbage from the sides of the road four times a year. Dates are listed on the calendar.

Summer Camp

The Troop also fully participates in the summer camp program held at Seven Ranges Scout Reservation. The biggest part of summer camp is the Pipestone Camp Honor's Program. The Program consists of five levels.  The Program was started in 1926 as a way to keep Scouts returning to camp year after year. It was also designed to encourage scouts to advance through rank. The first level is for first year scouts, those who are in their first year of Boy Scouting. By the end of the first year the Scout will have completed at least his Tenderfoot rank. In Troop #4, by the end of the first year our first year scouts will have completed most of their Second Class rank and will be well on their way to completing the First Class rank. After reaching the fifth level, the Scout should be a few merit badges and a service project away from the rank of Eagle.

In response to this, Buckeye Council has the largest number of Eagle Scouts per 100 scouts and has the highest percentage of returning scouts.

Eagle Scouts

Currently, Troop #4 has 150 Eagle Scouts with a 151 st on the way. A complete list is available from the menu. We look forward to building Character, Leadership, and Strength in our 99th year of operation.